Hi! I’m Rae.

I’ve never been one who enjoyed placing labels on myself. I believe it quickly puts me into boxes that I don’t necessarily feel aligned with. Instead, I view myself as an ever-evolving student of life.


A little about our family:

Ryan and I both grew up in New England, but have been living in beautiful Bozeman Montana, among the Rocky Mountains, since 2010. We have one daughter, our sweet Ayla Smith, and are expecting our second babe this September (2019). We have spent the last few years building & living in a yurt, which I will be sharing more about soon in my blog.


What I love and will be sharing about:

  • Connecting with others through vulnerability and authenticity

  • Sharing the journey that is my life - the ups, the downs, the lessons learned, and so on

  • Natural living - getting back to what I believe nature intended for us. From the food we eat, the products we use, to the way we spend our time and where we put our energy

  • Simple Living - our society has made us believe we always need more… bigger homes, nicer cars, and endless material items in order to be “happy” or “successful”… I don’t believe this to be true, and have actually found more happiness once I let go of these ideas and learned to live more minimally

  • Intentional Living - consuming a plant based diet, producing less waste, being mindful of which companies and products we are supporting, and focusing on reducing the impact we as humans have on mother earth

  • Health and Wellness - self care, finding a healthy balance in our lives, diy recipes for personal care products, plant based recipes, my love for essential oils, and more

  • Intuitive & Mindful Parenting - baby wearing, breastfeeding, baby-lead weaning, co-sleeping, and more